A calm mind feels good

 Practice being present and aware to skillfully respond to life's ups and downs

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Mindfulness workshops and coaching to bring joy and freedom, and being skillful with difficult situations in everyday life.

Mindful Coaching 

Individual mindfulness programs will help reveal the source of imbalances in life, define core values, and assess what areas need further development in order to experience a calmer, less stressed, and more joyful life.

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 Mindfulness Introduction Workshop



This 5-hour intensive workshop  introduces mindfulness, its basic practices, meditation and life-hacks that help you integrate mindfulness into everyday life.

 Reconnect mind and body workshop



This intensive 5-hour workshop will show you how to tune into the body and find greater support within it during periods of stress or emotional difficulty.

Mindfulness for a Resilient Life 

Coming Soon

This six-week course will help build emotional and mental strength. You will learn to deal with stress, let go of the inner critic, and connect with your inner cheerleader. This course will help you recognize negative thought patterns, and guide you into the joyful and present being.

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 Daria Rasmussen, CalmMind

“Mindfulness and meditation taught me to deal with stress, fear, and insecurity.

I redefined what a successful life means, on my own terms, and for myself. I want to guide people to their own path, their own sense of purpose, their own joy.”

- Daria Rasmussen, Founder of Calm Mind


One chair, ten minutes (and a little guidance)

That’s all you need to meditate.

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